Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions due to School Closings

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Beginner’s Guide to TikTok

TikTok is now beloved not only by lip-syncing 14-year-olds, but also by comedians, athletes, and, yes, brands. Major corporations like Coca-Cola, Nike, ABC, and Google have run advertising campaigns on TikTok. Even Khloé Kardashian has been paid to post sponsored content on the platform. But the app isn’t just home to ads: TikTok is alsoContinue reading “Beginner’s Guide to TikTok”

25 Tips and Tricks for Marketing on Facebook

Although some of the younger demographics are passing up Facebook in favor of tools like Instagram and Snapchat, Facebook still dominates the market.25 Tips and Tricks for Marketing on Facebook: Create a business Page, not a personal profile. Claim your Page’s vanity URL. Add a great cover photo. Add a recognizable profile picture. Optimize yourContinue reading “25 Tips and Tricks for Marketing on Facebook”

Are you using LinkedIn for your business?

LinkedIn is the number one social media platform for business. With over 660 million users worldwide, it’s the perfect place to create, build and nurture business relationships. Do you use LinkedIn to find business opportunities? Are you looking for tips to reach new leads? LinkedIn has a number of features that make it easy toContinue reading “Are you using LinkedIn for your business?”

How to include multiple links on your Instagram

Instagram is not generous when it comes to links. You can only add one single link. With this tool, you can get more links. In linktree, you get your own personalized link and when other users click on it, they will land on a separate page where they can choose between different links. Why youContinue reading “How to include multiple links on your Instagram”

Why you should start your business before you are ready

Being an entrepreneur is a dream that many people have but few actually go for! I’m not even going to try to sugarcoat it: being an entrepreneur is rough. It takes a specific mindset to really get into gear, to work for yourself and to realize that you determine your own success. Are you havingContinue reading “Why you should start your business before you are ready”

Micro Holidays for 2020

Here’s a list of potential micro holidays you can celebrate on social media—just remember that any content you produce should still be relevant to your business and a good fit for your brand. January 4Trivia Day: #NationalTriviaDay Test your followers’ knowledge by posting trivia questions about your brand or industry on social media. Hand outContinue reading “Micro Holidays for 2020”

What does the future hold for Instagram in 2020?

Instagram aesthetic trends are constantly evolving — but what does 2020 hold for your feed? Crafting an aesthetic on Instagram now extends to Instagram Stories, Instagram video, and IGTV, so it’s important you’re going into 2020 with a plan. Here are 9 Tips to help you prepare for Instagram in 2020: Tip1: Treat Your GridContinue reading “What does the future hold for Instagram in 2020?”