Low Instagram engagement? Try these things!

When it comes to Instagram, it’s no secret that engagement is a number you want to be high. But the truth is, sometimes this number can be a bit of a rollercoaster. So, what do you do when your engagement rate is dropping? Try these 10 things.

Revisit your strategy
Chances are, if your Instagram engagement is at an all-time low, your strategy needs to be updated. Spend some time looking through your goals and the tactics used to meet them. Maybe you need to rethink your graphic design or the amount of times you post per week. Try to figure out what changes you could make to keep your followers engaged.

Don’t have a strategy? Now’s the time to invest in one. Send me a message today for your strategy requirements.

Know who you’re really targeting
Your target audience should be clearly defined in your strategy. But, if your Instagram engagement is low, it’s smart to think about who you’re really trying to influence. Sometimes, we think our target audience is one group of people, but once we start posting, a whole different group comes calling.
Try developing a handful of buyer personas so you can clearly see who your content will resonate with. Then, cater your social media content to them. Laying it all out like this is a great way to visualize your ideal clients and customers.

Ask the right questions
If you’re not sure if your audience is enjoying your content, go ahead and ask them. It’s okay to be open and see what your followers are actually interested in. Try things like:
• What types of content do you want to see from me?
• What information are you in need of that I could provide?
• How can I help you here on Instagram?

There’s no shame in simply asking the right questions, and there’s really no better way to get into the minds of your followers. If your Instagram engagement has taken a hit, use the questions feature on your Instagram story or simply ask your followers to comment their ideas on your latest post.

Shake things up
When you’re posting the same old, same old, your Instagram engagement is probably not going to skyrocket. That’s why you should be continuously trying new things.
Will they all work out and make your follower count soar? Nope. But you just might find that when you experiment, the world of social media will surprise you.

Try doing something different – like having someone take over your account or sharing something brutally honest. Think: what haven’t I seen here before? What isn’t happening in my niche? This might take some time, but it’s worth it to figure out how you can make people stop scrolling and pay attention to what you have to say.

Focus on storytelling
If you pay attention to the entrepreneurs killing it on Instagram, you’ll notice they all have one thing in common: they’re incredible storytellers. They draft their copy in a way that makes others think, pay attention and keep coming back for more. They’re open, honest and they share valuable information.

So, when your Instagram engagement is down, try focusing more on storytelling. Share what your journey to your current position looked like, share what you’re struggling with or share something that you know others are dealing with as well. I’m not saying you need to get depressing here – you can share something that made you smile or something that your audience will get a kick out of as well.

Bring your account back to life by sharing something meaningful. There’s plenty of negative on social media so try putting some positivity into your feed.

Update your hashtags
Using the same 30 hashtags on each post might save you some time, but it’s going to hurt your account in the long run. Instagram has a way of marking your behavior as “spammy” if you’re slapping the same hashtags on each post. That’s why it’s best to change them up with each piece of content.
If you want to increase your Instagram engagement, start by taking advantage of some new hashtags. Do some research, engage with others and allow your posts to be seen by new faces.

Show up on stories
Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard this one before – if you want to be successful on Instagram, you need to be showing up on stories. So, when your Instagram engagement isn’t where you want it to be, trying making things a little more personal by showing up on your story each day.

Take behind-the-scenes footage, show what your day looks like, all while utilizing Instagram’s interactive story features. Stories really are an excellent way for your audience to get to know the real you. And there’s much more likely to trust and purchase from someone they feel like they know.

Do a keyword search
Though your hashtags are going to help your content be seen, doing a keyword search is an excellent way for you to figure out what you should even be posting about in the first place. Searching for keywords will allow you to see what’s being talked about in your industry and what topics you should create your content around.

Try a free keyword search tool. You might think your audience is talking about one thing, but once you do some digging, you’ll see that they’ve actually moved on to another. Dig deeper into your niche and start posting about things that your target audience is looking for.

Collaborate with others
Collaborating with others is a great way for you to give your Instagram engagement a boost. Try running a giveaway with someone in your niche, or taking over one another’s Instagram stories for the day. You could even simply agree to repost each other’s content or stories.
It might seem simple, but collaboration is a way for your content to be seen by a new group of people. It’s a way for you to continue connecting with others both inside and outside of your typical audience. Make it a goal to collaborate with someone at least once a month, whether it’s joining in on a contest or writing a guest post.

Make sure you’re showing up
If your Instagram engagement is low, ask yourself this: am I putting in the necessary effort? Showing up each day and engaging with others is going to have an effect on your engagement. There’s no avoiding it.

So, if your numbers have sunk, make sure you’re showing up daily, liking and commenting on posts from those in your industry and in your target audience. It might seem simple, but it really does take time and effort to be successful on Instagram. Make sure you’re doing it right!

Instagram engagement is incredibly important, but if you’re having an off-month, know that these things will help you get back on track.

Have any questions about Instagram or engagement? I’m all ears!

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