Do you have a virtual BFF?

Virtual BFF… is that even a thing? It most certainly is!

Let me share something with you. One of those things they don’t tell you when you start the entrepreneur’s life and remote work is how isolating it can be.

When I first started my Virtual Assistant business, I was beyond busy that I started talking to my friends less. It wasn’t on purpose, I was so driven to put my all into my business. If #momlife doesn’t need me, I go straight to doing anything I feel my business could use some work on.

I have been blessed with family and friends that support me and understand how busy I am. But, as I continue to grow my businesses, reach my goals and purse my passions. One of the most valuable tips I can give any entrepreneur is to find your virtual BFF! Don’t stop a one too! Find your crew, tribe or squad of virtual BFFs.

Those virtual BFFs understand your struggles, the ups & downs, the slow weeks/months & then the crazy months where all these clients come out of nowhere and they understand how some times it can feeling isolating. You can run to them to bounce off ideas, ask them for advice, collaborate on projects with and so much more! I am huge on collaborations.

Have you found your virtual BFF yet? Are you looking for a virtual BFF? Let’s connect today! I am always open to making more friends. Feel free to DM me if you’re ever in need of a virtual BFF or an accountability bestie.


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