My Internship with Rachel Pedersen

Two emails changed my life..

1. Dec. 20th, Final call for internship applications… I received an email with that title and that’s how it all started.

I just happened to be on my phone during the time I received the email. I will let you all in on a little secret of mines. I have a separate email I have all my subscriptions sent to and I rarely check that. Maybe once a month🤫.

The email stated that already 856 people have applied for the internship and only 25 people we are picked. I thought to myself that it doesn’t hurt to apply but I never thought I would get chosen. I don’t even remember what my answers were to the questions on the application but I know I made sure to show as much personality as I could through my answers.

2. Jan. 7th, Congratulations✨

I received an email around 10 pm saying that she wanted to email me before she went to sleep (This time I made sure an email I check regularly was on the application). That I was one of the selected 25 out of 1400 applications for the January 2020 internship with Rachel and the team. I was totally shocked!

For 10 weeks I was doing an internship with THE Rachel Pedersen. Since my love for social media has grown, I’ve been following “The Queen of Social Media” and for her and her team to choose me out of 1400 applications, I was so excited!

During the ten weeks, we covered a lot and I realized the areas that I prefer not to do. Some of the training was on:

• Social media strategies

• Content marketing

• Blogging

• Editing

• Video creation

• Content creation

• Content strategies

• How to repurpose content

One of the big takeaways for me was repurposing content. I usually don’t work with videos but it was great for me to create a blog, gifs, social media graphics, quotes, and even Tik Tok video prompts all from a video of Rachel teaching others about funnels and Facebook ads.

Now, the ultimate question. Would I do an internship again? I will do an internship again if it’s paid and can turn into a job. If not, I would have to pass. I am in the growing stage of my business that I can spend my time doing free work.

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