What does the future hold for Instagram in 2020?

Instagram aesthetic trends are constantly evolving — but what does 2020 hold for your feed?

Crafting an aesthetic on Instagram now extends to Instagram Stories, Instagram video, and IGTV, so it’s important you’re going into 2020 with a plan.

Here are 9 Tips to help you prepare for Instagram in 2020:

Tip1: Treat Your Grid Like Your Home Page
These days, people turn to Instagram instead of Google to search for a brand or business, and your Instagram profile is quickly becoming your new home page.

And just like the goal of your website is to convert visitors into customers, the goal of your Instagram profile should be to convert visitors into followers.
That means that when you’re mapping out and planning your Instagram profile, it’s important that everything you post tells a story about your brand.
That’s everything from your Instagram bio and Instagram Stories highlights, to your grid layout and editing style.

The first step for future-proofing your Instagram account is to pay close attention to how it reads as a home page.

If you can leave a lasting first impression when a new visitor lands on your profile, you’ll stand a much better chance at converting them into followers.

Tip 2: The No-Edit Edit

Long gone are the days of harsh edits and pumped up saturation — the “no-edit edit” is the trend for 2020.
Instagram is definitely becoming a more unedited place. We’re talking tiny tweaks, a hint of colour change and saying goodbye to unrealistic edits.
As a brand, you still need to think about what the brand position is and how your tone of voice can be represented through your images.

Tip 3: A Curated UGC Feed
User-generated content isn’t the newest trend, but it’s one that’s growing massively on Instagram!
Brands are starting to think creatively outside the box — reposting and sharing their fans’ photos, videos, and stories with a strong strategy in hand.

TOP TIP: Find a way to make your UGC content recognizable for your brand.

Tip 4: A Focus on Authenticity
There’s no denying that the no-edit edit trend was born out of Instagram’s shift towards authenticity.
Authentic content is trending, and we’re seeing tons of brands and businesses getting on board and showing a more honest, real and vulnerable side to their brand and business.
A high level of authenticity can go a long way in building a stronger connection to your audience. When you can showcase the good with the bad, the struggles along with the wins, you brand will be more relatable to your audience.

We’ll be seeing a lot more spontaneous Instagram posts and stories in 2020 as brands step outside of their usual aesthetic to share an important messages.

Tip 5: A More Inclusive Feed
Inclusivity starts from within your business, but it should be celebrated on your Instagram feed.
Thankfully, more and more brands are stepping up and actively representing their community with their posts.
Whether in the form of Instagram photography, brand ambassadors or Instagram takeover partners, some brands are making it their mission to accurately represent the diverse community they exist for.

Tip 6: Adding Video and Motion to Your Grid
There’s no denying that video is taking off on Instagram, but some brands and businesses are hesitant to include video in their grid for fear of messing up their aesthetic.

We’re talking the smallest animation like a twinkling star or moving background, anything that elevates an image from static to dynamic.

And don’t let budget hold you back! There are apps available that allow you to make super-simple but effective animated elements to your posts and stories.

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Tip 7: Carousel Posts that Convert
Carousel posts – by creating a multi-photo post, along with an on-brand post template design, you are able to show off a collection look book that can be really engaging.

Tip 8: Sophisticated Shoppable Posts
Shoppable post show no sign of slowing down in 2020

Every month, 130 million people tap on an Instagram shopping post to learn more about products.

For businesses, Instagram shopping posts are a great way to showcase your products and drive more sales.

Once you’re set up with Instagram Shopping, you can tag your products in the photos to your store catalog. So every time you post to your feed, you can create a shopping experience for your followers and start showcasing your product line!

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Tip 9: Using Stories Filters for Your Videos
Thanks to the launch of Spark Studio AR, we’re seeing a new wave of creators using the studio to create “preset style” filters to edit Instagram Stories.

Brands and influencers are starting to create AR-filters for their followers — making it even easier to spread the trend far and wide.

Have you tried Spark Studio AR yet?

Instagram trends are always going to shift and change, but the key to success is being able to adapt the trend to your brand’s personal style.

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